2019 Most Popular Articles on Security Roundtable


Happy holidays from SecurityRoundtable.org. We are entering into a new year and a new decade, a time of great excitement and innovation for those of us in cybersecurity. As evidence, we turn to some of the articles that were most popular on our site in 2019. Here are the top 10, including outlooks on machine learning and cloud computing, and guidance for executives coping with managing risks in a rapidly changing world. Take a read and get ready for 2020.  

10. How to Become a Board Member? 4 Pointers for CIOs and CISOs

9. Security Chiefs: Don’t Ignore the 5G Future, It’s Coming Fast

8. The Growing Role of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

7. 8 Steps to Simplify Cybersecurity

6. A Cloud Security Strategy that Executives Can Grok

5. Why Automation, Why Now?

4. Data Security Is Risky Business–Watch Out for Sharks

3. CIOs: Don’t Get Stuck in a Situational Leadership Trap

2. Phishing Isn’t Going Away

1. What’s Old Is New: Back to Security Basics with Good Cyber Hygiene